Evvolve ​Joins Forces with Stingray Therapeutics to Catalyze the Next Immuno-Oncology Revolution

Hamburg, Germany - Evvolve, a preeminent capital raising firm dedicated to healthcare, AI, technology and growth sectors, has formed a strategic partnership with Stingray Therapeutics, a trailblazing biotechnology company unleashing the full prowess of the immune system to redefine the war against cancer.

While existing immuno-oncology approaches like checkpoint inhibitors harness the adaptive immune response, many patients experience treatment resistance or lack of response due to "cold" tumors that evade detection. Stingray Therapeutics is pioneering a multi-pronged strategy that synchronizes both the adaptive and innate arms of the immune system to eradicate these elusive malignancies.

The innate immune system serves as the body's first line of defense, sounding the alarm for the adaptive response to mobilize. However, cancers can suppress innate immunity, rendering them invisible to attack. Stingray's novel therapeutics re-activate the innate immune system, exposing previously undetectable cancer cells and enabling a coordinated assault from all fronts of the immune arsenal.
Leading this charge is Stingray's SR-8541A, an orally administered small molecule that targets the critical STING (STimulator of INterferon Genes) pathway. By inhibiting ENPP1 - the direct negative regulator of innate immunity - SR-8541A aims to unleash a powerful inflammatory response within the tumor microenvironment, attracting immune cells to eradicate the malignancy.

"Stingray is spearheading a paradigm shift in immuno-oncology that leverages the full might of the immune system," said Vincent, Evvolve's Founder. "We are proud to join forces with a company whose bold vision seamlessly aligns with our mission to propel transformative healthcare breakthroughs."

Jamal Chraibi, Evvolve's Chief Operating Officer, added, "Stingray's pioneering approach to activate both innate and adaptive immunity against cancer is truly inspiring. This partnership underscores our steadfast belief in their ability to redefine the immuno-oncology frontier through unprecedented therapeutic capabilities."